Credit Interchange Program


The Credit Interchange Program provides qualified Toy Association member manufacturers with a host of comprehensive resources and services, including:

Online Retailer Database and Discussion Forums (Toy Association EZCredit®)

Members who contribute their monthly aging submissions have access to a password-protected, online database of trade reports on customer accounts relevant to the toy industry. EZCredit® also hosts moderated forums on credit, finance, operations, and logistics open to all registered participants of the program.

Credit Daily Bulletin

A daily newsletter of credit, finance, and logistics-related news, as well as trends and events in the retail industry, including bankruptcies, SEC filings, key credit due dates, and more.

Regional Credit Meetings

Held one to two times per year by the west, northeast and midwest chapters of The Toy Association Credit Interchange Program, depending on member interest.

Toy Fair Credit Meeting

Held in conjunction with the North American International Toy Fair, the annual Toy Fair Credit Meeting features a review of accounts session and expert speakers and retail companies presenting on a range of credit, finance, operations, and logistics topics. The event also includes an interactive workshop on the challenges of the credit and collection environment and a "beyond credit” breakout session for senior finance and operations executives.

National Summer Conference

The Summer Conference offers a broad spectrum of educational and networking opportunities for member manufacturers. It includes tours of retail fulfillment facilities and expert speakers from industry, retail organizations, federal agencies, and bankruptcy attorneys. The review of accounts session and a workshop on credit-related issues are important components of the conference program, as well as a “beyond credit” breakout session for senior finance and operations executives.

Interested in joining the Credit Interchange program? For more information, contact Dina Gittings.