The Toy Association Launches 2018 Toy Industry Compensation & Benefits Survey

May 29, 2018 | The Toy Association has partnered with Industry Insights to conduct a confidential Toy Industry Compensation & Benefits Survey. The survey will enable member companies to compare their employee compensation levels and health care benefits to those of similar toy companies. The survey period will close on June 29; participation is free.

The 2018 questionnaire will collect and analyze data on more than 55 toy industry position titles at U.S. and Canadian companies that are engaged in the manufacture, importation, and distribution of toys.

The Toy Association recently sent an email to member companies with a link to survey (and the ability to download PDF copies of the survey). All responses will be returned directly to Industry Insights, where they will be kept in strict confidence. The Toy Association will receive total industry and aggregated data only. 

“In today’s competitive toy industry, hiring and retaining the right talent can make all the difference in a successful company,” said Anne McConnell, The Toy Association’s senior director of market research & data strategy. “The study enables member companies to remain competitive as they compare their offerings to the industry.”

Participating companies will receive complimentary access to an industry-wide report that includes: aggregate compensation and benefits information based on all companies responding, including their gross revenue, region, number of full-time employees, and other data points. Participants will also receive an individualized confidential compensation report with company-reported figures alongside appropriate industry comparatives. Companies will have access to an online searchable results tool to drill deeper into the data and to export custom reports. This is a $1,500 value. 

Questions regarding survey specifics may be directed to Michael Becher, vice president of Industry Insights (614.389.2100 ext. 114). All other questions may be directed to Anne McConnell (646.520.4870).